Photo Permits


The Distillery District is pleased to be chosen as a popular location for personal photography, commercial photography, and filming, as our heritage backdrop of restored Victorian-era buildings and cobblestone streets offers a unique setting.



Permits are required for all personal photography taken for ‘non-recreational’ purposes at The Distillery District. Distillery Personal Photo Permits are $225 + HST = $254.25, for four consecutive hours of photography, and are available for purchase online. Purchased permits are non-refundable.

Distillery Personal Photo Permits provide for pictures to be taken outdoors at The Distillery only. Distillery Personal Photo Permits do not allow for pictures to be taken on the patios of restaurants or cafes, in the door ways or entrances of the stores or tenant spaces, or inside any store, restaurant or space in The District.

Please consult the Distillery District Event Calendar to your left for information about events that may be occurring during your photo permit time slot.  Make sure and check the calendar frequently for new events and updates.

For more information about Distillery Photo Permits, please contact Pikto at 416-203-3443.



The Victorian architecture and red brick of The Distillery District makes a great setting for your next magazine cover, fashion shoot, or product placement photography. Professional photographers, marketing and talent agencies, models and directors are required to obtain a Distillery Commercial Photo Permit when taking pictures in The Distillery for public feature and/or commercial use.

Distillery Commercial Photo Permits range in cost from $1000-$2500 +HST per day, depending on the nature of your shoot and the areas preferred for use at The Distillery. Purchased permits are non-refundable.

Interested in shooting at the Distillery? Please download and review: Commercial Photography Request Form.

For more information about commercial photography at the Distillery, please email Candace Shaw, Outdoor Events Coordinator at



For any information about filming in all areas of the Distillery District (indoors and outdoors), please contact Candace Shaw at